Finest Electronic House Music

Bernese DJ Sonica specialises in blending analogue and digital sounds (mixing techniques), harmoniously fusing samples of well-known tracks with contemporary electronic dance music and turning them into careful compositions. Her music is characterised by an architecture built from well-known vocal arrangements and vinyl tracks mixed with digital sounds of contemporary genres. With elements of minimal, Detroit deep house and tech house she puts up a pulsating stage for her musical samples to evolve in unexpected ways.

Laying a bridge across musical generations, Sonica brings together seemingly disparate elements and styles. The effect her sets have on the audience is all the more intense: they subtly tease out “acoustic memories” and transform them into danceable epiphanies. Her synergies of musical treasures – fished up from across the ages and married to contemporary electronic dance music – offer the perfect ambiance for discerning club nights. Perhaps one of many reasons shooting star Sonica counts an extraordinary large number of women among her fans – whether in Bern or Berlin, at the Gurtenfestival or at the finest current Clubs.

Ever searching for new ideal electronic sound constructions, Sonica’s passion and sophisticated sense of sounds rolls out far more than a soundscape. She produces modern musical entertainment with compositions that grip her audience emotionally and make her sets an electrifying experience